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We are exporter of teak root furniture from Indonesia, we offer a unique collection of handicrafts teak root furniture made from roots of teak plantations in Java – Indonesia.

Teak (Tectona Grandis) is a type of wood that is very strong and durable. Teak has been living since hundreds years ago and has been a lot of cutting to the needs of making teak furniture. however unused root and buried in the soil is still preserved even though the tree has die at harvest more than a hundred years ago, at the hands of the craftsmen teak roots can be a unique and valuable products of high art.

Our teak root furniture from teak plantations of Java, as it is known that most high-quality teak in the world is the identity of the living in the land of Java, especially in Central Java. We have many sources of teak root, which is collected by farmers and then our craftsmen selected by the roots of quality grade A, and making it a unique teak root furniture and beautiful.

We provide many models of teak root furniture such as teak root coffee table, teak root bench, root teak chairs, teak root stool, teak root display, and accessories from teak roots. Can also be combined into a set of teak root furniture is beautiful and elegant, to be placed indoors and outdoors. please note that the roots of teak furniture each is unique and there is only one for each item, however, models and shapes can be made equal to imitate existing models, although not identical.

We guarantee that the quality of our teak root furniture is grade A, with low prices since we are a manufacturer and exporter directly so you can freely determine resale prices and get high profit. Get discounts for orders in large quantities.

When ordering our teak root furniture, please remember that you may receive teak root furniture is slightly different from photos shown on our website. However, we always try hard to close. We also guarantee that we will send you with the same size and price.

We always ship our teak root furniture in sanded and stained condition. You will receive our teak root furniture in ready to sell conditions. If you preferred teak root furniture in fine sanded only (not stained) please don’t hesitate to contact us.